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Types of Screen

Using a high quality screen is paramount to a great quality product.

We us a high quality Fiberglass screen.


Screen Mesh

There are many types of screen mesh available today as described above.

We offer all the types of screen that fit your specific needs.

Are you looking for economy? Then we would recommend standard fiberglass .

  Pet screen is ideal when you have pets that lunge and tear at your screen. 

  Browse this page and see some other options that are available to you.

This page describes the most common asked questions about screen mesh.         

Mesh size denotes the number of openings per inch.

Example: 18x14 mesh has 18 openings across (warp) and 14 openings down (fill) per each square inch of the cloth.
Warp refers to the foundation wires that runs lengthwise with the cloth.

The wire strands that are woven into the warp are called "fill," and run across the width of the cloth.
Diameter is the number assigned to a specific wire thickness.

Screen Descriptions

Pool, Patio, & Porch Mesh

Standard Fiberglass
Mesh: 18 x 14
Pool, Patio and Porch screen is stronger than Standard Window and Door Screen, making it the ideal screen for large openings such as screen porches and patio and pool enclosures.
Colors: Charcoal , Gray

standard screen mesh

Florida Glass

(The Privacy Screen)
Mesh: 18 x 14
Laminated screen used in pool enclosures around the bottom to keep out grass clippings and bugs. It is sometimes used in sections of a pool enclosure for privacy.
Colors: Charcoal

Photos of  Fl. Glass

Florida Glass (the privacy screen) see link to the left for viewing

Pet Screen
Pet Screen is 7 times stronger than standard screen.

Colors: Black and Gray
Special colors of Pet Screen available.

How many times has this happened to you? Super Screen will stop tears, rips, and shredding of screen.

Prevent tears in screens with pet screen

Read the Advantages of a Screen that is worth it's weight in gold!

Ask Today about Super Screen®

Pool Enclosures, Patios & Lanai's:

Without a doubt, Super Screen® is the most advanced pool screen mesh on the market today. Homeowners are finding that replacing screen every 3 to 5 years is no longer necessary with Super Screen®.

Wind Damage Protection:

The flexibility, tensile strength and tear resistance of Super Screen® causes wind blown debris to bounce off. Super Screen® holds up to the strongest winds and even falling tree branches.

Pet Damage Protection:

Dogs and cats can tear normal screen mesh to shreds. But toenails and cat claws cannot damage Super Screen®

Screen Damage :

Living adjacent to a golf course has many advantages. However, golf balls plummeting through your pool screen or patio screen is not one of the advantages. Protect with Super Screen® the industrial strength netting.

Pest & Rodent Protection:

The Resilience and strength of the fiber strands woven into Super Screen® resist the gnawing teeth of rodents. Super Screen® has been proven in farming communities as the best farm netting available! Pests cannot break through. Your porch, pool area, or sunroom remains pest free.

Bug & Insect Protection:

Simply put, sunlight and breezes pass through -all else stays out. All screen mesh will keep bugs and insects out until the screen mesh cracks or tears. Super Screen® will not crack, puncture or tear.

Save on Re-Screening in the future

Fiberglass screen and high strength window screen material need replacement every three to five years. The cost of the labor to re-screen far exceeds to cost of the screen mesh. Use Super Screen® when you re-screen and you pay the labor cost only once!


The ultra violet rays of the sun have virtually no effect upon Super Screen®. Mildew becomes non-existent. The original luster of a 'new screen' remains beautiful, just as it was the day it was installed for many years to come.

Extra Protection :

Add a valuable safety factor to any balcony or second-story porch. A well-fastened porch screen panel made with Super Screen® mesh has been tested to hold back over 800 pounds.

Screen Rooms, Sun Rooms and Patios:

Why settle for less when it cost less for much more? With Super Screen® you get lasting beauty as well as incredible durability, damage control, protection and safety.